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Limited Lifetime Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

Meet the the future of Paint Protection.

Clear Bra Roseville CA

Buying a brand-new vehicle is a significant investment. You’ve evaluated performance, safety features, and gas mileage. And, of course, the vehicle you’ve chosen looks great. After all, it makes a statement about you.

Doesn’t matter which brand you choose, whether minivan or sports car, each new vehicle starts out with a shiny, lustrous, eye-catching paint finish.

Then you drive it off the lot. From that moment on, your sparkling paint finish is at risk.

Road debris, bug stains, stones, sand and winter salt all damage your paint finish, particularly the high impact areas like front bumper, fenders, rear view mirrors and hood.

Within weeks, your new vehicle will show the wear and tear of everyday driving. But it doesn’t have to.

Paint Protection Film is a smart investment. Choosing Nano-Fusion PPF to protect your vehicle now, means you’re more likely to get a higher trade-in value in the future.

Virtually invisible, Nano-Fusion’s superior clarity allows your vehicle’s vivid color to shine through.
Where ever it’s installed, Nano-Fusion’s outstanding strength helps shield your vehicle from road debris, bug stains, stones, sand and winter salt.

When installed by a certified professional, like at Tintpros of Roseville, Nano-Fusion is backed by a limited lifetime* warranty against peeling, yellowing, bubbling or cracking. This is the ONLY Lifetime warranty PPF on the market as of now.

To arrive at this point, we conducted extensive testing which has proven to us that this PPF is the best on the market, resisting yellowing and cracking better than any other film available. The warranty protects the dealer’s customer, the dealer and you.

* Lifetime warranty does not apply to damage to PPF caused by erroneous application, vehicle involved in accident, intentional misuse or wear. Limitation of remedies and liabilities are solely restricted to replacement of the defective film. A paid labor component is added if the product fails within the scope of the warranty.

Easy Cleaning Do’s & Don’ts

Keep your Clear Auto Bra’s protective coating in top shape by following these easy, common-sense cleaning “Do’s” – and avoiding the “Don’ts”:

Cleaning Do’s
  • Use only specialty car wash soap to clean the bra film or spot areas.
  • Apply using a microfiber wash mitt .
  • For extra-soiled or bug splattered areas, soak with soap and wipe clean with the mitt again.
  • If debris remains, on the next wash use Dawn liquid detergent and water. (Careful not to go off the paint protected area, as detergent could remove wax from your paint.)
  • If stubborn debris still remains, try using a blue clay bar. (Never reuse a red clay bar or a piece of old clay, which could damage the surface of the bra.)
  • If you use Dawn or clay bar, reapply a coat of protectant over the affected areas. A quick wax or Plexus wax with polish will often remove stubborn spots on the bra’s surface.
  • Dry with a micro fiber towel; then spray polish over its surface, using any high-quality spray wax or quick detail spray.

That’s all there is to it. Clean and simple

Cleaning Don’ts
  • Never use high power pressure washers. They can force water under the paint protection film and leave bubbles under the film surface. If you must, avoid the edges and keep the distance between the tip and the edge of the film.
  • Commercial car washes are very convenient and many our customers use them on regular basis and have not had any issues. Nonetheless, they are not the best option for your car and we generally do not recommend using them, even the automated brushless/touchless types. They all use high pressure to clean your car and extremely aggressive soaps that will remove your waxes and speed up clear coat deterioration.
  • Avoid potent chemical degreasers or tar removers. While these won’t harm the paint, they may degrade and dull the finish on your paint protection film. Check with us first if you’re thinking of using it, or test a small area like a mirror back that would be easy to replace, if damaged.
  • Never use brushes. Brushes will dull the surface on the clear bra or on any painted surface of your car over time. Use a good quality microfiber mitt instead.
  • Don’t let dead bugs and bird droppings remain. The acids may permanently stain most of the paint protection films on the market.
  • Never wipe with terry cloth or paper products. They’ll damage the clear bra. In fact, you should never even wipe dirt off with a dry towel. Always wet the surface with water, soap or detail spray wax first to minimize friction.